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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rumah Dayak

It’s More Than an Abandoned House.

 Rumah Dayak project: picture by

1. Rumah Dayak was located at Jalan Satok as a greatest symbol of Dayak unity long time ago.

2. Somehow, the old building was demolished and new construction started in 1997 hoping that the new building will brings hopes and inspirations to the united Dayak.

3. The construction works for the new Rumah Dayak could not complete due to critical issue with the building plan that is not approved by the local government. According to SNDU, Rumah Dayak project halted due to intervention by others which hindered the construction works.

4. As everybody is pointing fingers to each other (SNDU as Client with developer to be unknown) the project could not continue and the Rumah Dayak is still a bad image of engineering’s picture in the heart of Kuching town. There is no news on the Rumah Dayak fate as it seems to be the hardest mega construction after Bakun Hydroelectric Dam and KLCC towers. Maybe the soiled beneath is not stable or there is no solid and strong steel can erect every level of the building.

5. I could not understand why Rumah Dayak project could not complete. There are great engineers and architect that can build great buildings. There are financial institutions that can provide loan for the project. What is so hard to build Rumah Dayak?

6. This could be the problem with the Dayak themselves. They could not work as a community to look after their own problem. I think it is not about the engineering difficulties that make the project halted. And not because of building material for sure.

7. Unity among the Dayak is a taboo among themselves. They quiet don’t know what the best is for the community. They are scattered away by their own ego and stupidity. Everybody is looking for better ground to live and let the others survive the quicksand.

8. Dayak once united and exited by SNAP and PBDS but both dead immature. UMNO and BN scared by the Dayak spirit and let them scattered away and ruled by their associates. BN managed to tame the loincloths hero by offering them Levi’s Strauss jeans pants. Federal associate managed to starve the hero and take the shield and give him umbrella to protect him from enemy and not save him from starvation.

9. And so it happened to Rumah Dayak, as not even a Dayak YB could look into this matter as a shame to the Dayak and initiate something to restore the dignity that standing still in rust. That is the reality of the Dayak identity; a rusty rods. Every Dayak could not look at Rumah Dayak as their failure. As the blame game is still in a row, the Dayak have missed their opportunity to be the best in Sarawak through SNDU by completing the abandoned house.

10. We could not blame it on the politicians as Rumah Dayak is not their aspiration but inspiration for all. Dayak should be independent as they are the most clan in Sarawak. While the Foochows is building their Foochow Association in each district, Rumah Dayak is still dispute on who should complete the task. When the other are progressing, the Dayak is still waiting for miracle by drinking rice wine with grilled pighead.

11. A loincloth is still a loincloth as it is an identity. But we cannot use it in the office today because it is not proper in front of female workers. We still can use it at longhouse if we love it. If the Dayak could not afford for bricks and steel, let the Rumah Dayak be build with the Barkcloth, bamboo and hardwoods.

12. They should forget of beheading their friend’s head but make friend with the world and change. The Dayak must ashamed of their past and build the new hope for the community so that people know that the Dayak are not timid but wise, educated and independent community.

13. After all, what changed them is not their surrounding and nature but their effort to change the whole world. Some fallen and some hanging on the life line. They will never realize until they fall into the dark valley as some of them already did.
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