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Monday, October 11, 2010

Rajang and Masing

1. Sarawak minister of Land Development, James masing will punish the logging culprit that caused the 50 km logs and debris jam at Sibu and along the Rajang River.

2. I believe it is not only caused by illegal logging but plantation which have been ignored by the state government and all the logging and plantation activities are approved by the state government.

3. We cannot blame the culprit since illegal logging has been made legal by the government.

4. If James wanted to blame the culprit, he himself must blame the state government first.

5. It is kind of a funny thing for him to start to get nervous and blame "the culprit".

6. The same thing happened to a village in Papua New Guinea where as the culprit is from Sarawak as well.

7. Thank you to the monsoon rain for revealing state government ignorance on taking care of environment.
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