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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Born to Be Educated

Bidayuh Graduates or Bidayuh Gadget?

1. If we compare the Bidayuh university graduates with other races, I think they are lesser than others. Nevertheless, there are some of them are graduated from a well known university.

2. The number of graduated bidayuh can be found at Bidayuh Graduate Association (BGA) as there is no any documentation of the exact number of the graduated Bidayuh. Even though I am a graduated, I have not register with them as there is no promotion or invitation on this. Furthermore, I am just a small among all of those graduated. Some of them are politicians, lawyers, doctors, government officers and business person. Those people are the elite group. I am just a small boy with no ability and gut to be one of them. That is why I am dither to register myself.

3. BGA is an organization under the umbrella of DBNA (Dayak Bidayuh National Organization). I am not sure what there are doing but I think they are working very hard to get graduated Bidayuh to register as a member.

4. I do not know what are the programs that they have done, or maybe this organization is working hard to help the Bidayuh in education and social life. Or are they working as an elite group to back-up the government and politician sine they are the Bidayuh frontline to the outside world? I am not so sure since I am not so sure. Maybe my statement is sedition for them.

5. I feel regret to some of the Bidayuh graduate who could not deliver for themselves or to the community. Some act like Socrates but never get a job or even choosy in looking for a job. They will only take the job that offers them high salary with less experience. I don’t think that is a good mentality as corporate organization never practices such a thing. Those who lived with that mentality will end up with jobless and start to burden their family.

6. For those who are under the elite group, they will only focus on their on agenda. They live in such a luxury and will only mix with their own kind. We seldom see them in any social program or community programs. Maybe, this is the shape of the elite living but shouldn’t it good to be moderate and wise?

7. I do not know how many of Bidayuh graduate involve in politic. As far as I know the youngsters refuse to register as voter because of the current situation of their leaders. If all of them are registered voters, I am sure there will be revolution in Bidayuh politic. We need the youngsters to educate the bidayuh a better way to vote, to choose and to make right decision.

8. Somehow, those in BGA are automatic supporter for government as they are under the DBNA surveillance and that is why Bidayuh is still remain the same as it was in 20 years ago

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