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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Courtesy of dayakdilemma;

Dear My Beloved Dayaks,

Have you ever wake-up every morning and dream or wonder of seeing that life is freedom, and you feel the determination to move forward and become successful? Do we have a hope which will remain only a HOPE? Do we have our dreams to share that will only remain our DREAMS? Or have you ever dream at night seeing your children, families, relatives & friends have much hope? Or, do you wake every morning you see the future is bleak, sad, stressful, anger, give-up the struggles, argue with people around you and not enjoying the freedom of life?

Let me start my point from here first.

As we all know, Barrack Obama, the first black American President, United States of America voice to the world, “WE NEED TO CHANGE AND CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT”. American people believe in freedom and true democracy. Their soul, hearts and mind truly fight for freedom under a democratic rule to progress as one nation.

There is much thing to learn from the voice of the respected President of the United States. What could we learn from the democracy preached by the United States of America? How do we want to achieve as a developed nation ('the so-called Vision 2020) if we can't have freedom of speech and criticize the Government? I believe the most basic thing is to change our mindset first.

Firstly, please don’t delete this email and appreciate your kindness to share this message to our Dayaks friend whom you know especially those in Sarawak. I hope we can make a different to gain our liberty in our beloved land of Sarawak. Please spend a few minutes to read and print out this message and bring it home for your personal reading and think deeply inside your conscious mind and heart.

Keep this article as your long term objectives you want to lead dayaks community around. All remarks are purely from my personal opinion and I humbly apologise, as I do not intend to offend anyone or insult your intelligence either you are supporting any parties, BN or Opposition parties, either directly or indirectly. I believe there are many Dayaks who have better opinion and knowledge compares to what I write here. I hope you will read this for your self-interest but for the sake of our children and our future Dayaks generation. I hope we will continue to struggle for the sake of our democracy, one voice of dayaks and most importantly for our children in future.

“We must remember that our children generations do not owe from us of what we are doing today. BUT it is our responsibility as a parent or individuals collectively, and we owe them and we shape their fate, their freedom, their destiny and their future into our hand today”. Do not blame our children for their failure in the future for we the one who shape their future from today.

Ask yourself today, how do you feel your previous Dayaks leader since independence shape your destiny today? Are we being equally protected under Article 8 of Federal Constitution? Do you regret it? Do you appreciate it? Are you happy with our standard of living or living in a comfort zone today? Are we satisfied with our achievement? Who do we blame if you feel you are left behind? Blame myself? Blame my family? Blame others? Blame my previous leaders? And the list will be never-ending stories. No perfect answers that I can give. Therefore, what we do today will chart our children destiny that we owe them.


It was announced by Najib that the Sarawak State Election will be due in July 2011. In other words, the assembly will be dissolved soon, probably before May 2011. Najib has also comes out with his “undemocratic statement” mentioning that “UMNO won’t spread its wings to Sarawak as long as the people continue to support BN”. In reverse psychology, his statement can be construed as putting the fear and threatening us, especially the dayaks that “IF WE DON’T VOTE BN OR SUPPORT BN, UMNO WILL GAIN ENTRY INTO SARAWAK TO CONTROL US”. Hello, excuse me Mr Najib, do you think Dayaks need UMNO? Do you think we Sarawakian owe you in every single we earn today? Do you think the economic development in Peninsular Malaysia is benefiting from the Sarawak resources? In other words, we people of Sarawak especially the dayaks could be begging to UMNO. or, is BN-UMNO begging our votes because they do not want to lose support knowing that the support from some of Malay in Peninsular had gradually diminished?

Now who is begging who? Do we have the power to bargain because we know BN-Sarawak is partly the key of BN survival? Do we want to give BN a chance to govern us for another years to come? If we vote BN and BN win again, will we have bargaining power of demanding our rights? Assuming Opposition is taking over Sarawak, what is our position and power to the Federal Government? Now, do we think Dayaks have more power to bargain? Will we have a fair deal? I doubt the deal is fair as we have been joining the Malaysia since Independence and until now some may feel like being cheated and treated unfairly, although the supreme law which is The Federal Constitution is there to protect us. Is your fate and destiny in the hand of Najib and TAIB? IS Najib and TAIB provide you food everyday? Do you want them to decide your fate and destiny? If NO, who will decide? Your families will decide the best for you? Or you decide yourself? Are you independent enough to decide your fate and destiny without the support of anyone particularly the Government?

Given a choice of which one you will prefer to deal with? Do you put your faith and high hope to deal with a hypocrite? Is BN leaders especially TAIB and NAJIB are hypocrites? Do you prefer to deal with a cheater? Or, do you like to sit and just watch a magician performs a magic in front of you and trick you? Do you want to have a deal with one who has personal hidden agenda?

And, once have you decided and finally signed the social contract and agreed to a deal that you feel being forced to accept? Or you have no choice and you think that’s best choice?

I personally doubt the Semenanjung People like Najib and or our Chief Minister TAIB will bind his beautiful words to us in future. Do you think they can have sweet talks and change the deal later? Do you want that type of deal where those promises were broken in the long term with many excuses? Look at Sabah, a promised to have a rotation of Chief Minister but until now UMNO is holding power without honouring the promise made? Does that justify us of dealing with a trustworthy person? Have u ever heard a Malay proverbs, ”Melayu Mudah Lupa” or “Sengaja Lupa” or “Pura-Pura Lupa”?

I believe either we support BN or Opposition may not be an issue here. My main preference is we must set our own Dayak destiny and do not let your rights are ruled by TAIB and “Orang Semenanjung – which is UMNO”. So what is the best answer here? Do we have a fair deal for example:- Dayaks must govern Sarawak? Do you 50% or 100% or 200% agree? If yes, how? Do we have the will and power to kick TAIB out? If you believe you can, but how? Yes, the answer is, the power is in your voting where you can vote him out to rule us. To vote TAIB out, you must vote BN out first. We must follow the steps. We know we can, we believe we can, simple right? So, where is your choice here? I leave it for you to decide.

Through our conscious and unconscious mind, since independence, Dayaks have been indirectly under UMNO remote control. Lets predict that BN will win the state election, so we dayaks will be ruled or correctly said we will be controlled under the power of TAIB MAHMUD or HIS FAMILIES and UMNO. So, if you don’t bother about your destiny and prefer to be controlled by TAIB and UMNO, I will leave it to your wisdom to decide.

So, the question is, Where do we want to move from here to prepare for the coming State Election? My arguments here may not be exhaustive but try to provide a small justification for us to fight for our rights as a citizen in Malaysia and our rights as natives in Sarawak.

Let us understand our political, economic, education, social and the rights of our citizenship scenario in Malaysia.

Simple equation,

BN is under the control of UMNO and in Sarawak BN is under the control of PBB (Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu – controlled and lead by Taib Mahmud as the President) carrying the flagship of BN.

UMNO is the largest political party dominated its role in Malaysian politics which emphasizes protecting Malay culture, Islamic values and pro-business policies (in particular for Malay). Bumiputra rights like us Dayaks are not being their main agenda for UMNO. Although Bumiputra rights are enshrined in the Federal Constitution, I’m sceptical that we are protected by UMNO deep in their heart and minds. UMNO only cares for Malay, their Islamic religion and to gain power in Malaysia and indirectly in Sarawak.

PBB is a component of BN. PBB is under the control of Taib Mahmud. So we can see from here that it is still UMNO who control us. For your information, PBB is the largest political party in Sarawak, with strongholds only in the rural areas.

From sources of Wikipedia, PBB states that Bumiputera is a Malaysian political term and translates to son of earth. Being mentioned in the party's name, this directly relates to the ethnic groups that are seen as native to the state of Sarawak. Members of the party are solely of Sarawak Bumiputera ethnicity. In article 161a of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, 21 ethnic groups are classified as "natives of Sarawak", among these are the Ibans, Bidayuhs and several other Dayak people as well as Sarawakian Malays.

Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu was formed from the combination of three parties in Sarawak, the Parti Negara Sarawak (PANAS), the Barisan Rakyat Jati Sarawak (BARJASA) and the Parti Pesaka Anak Sarawak (PESAKA). BUMIPUTERA and PESAKA combined to form the PBB on April 30, 1973.

This combination is based on the effort to improve the life style and protect the rights of Bumiputera in many fields such as politics, economy and social.

Jugah Anak Barieng, also known as Tun Jugah, who was Sarawak’s Internal Affairs Minister, was appointed as the first president of the PBB until his death in 1981. Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud took over in 1981 until now after he won the post unopposed. He is the current Chief Minister of Sarawak and president of the PBB. The existence of this party as one of the major component parties has strengthened the position of the Bumiputeras in Sarawak.

I am still doubt that the term of Bumiputeras has been taking advantage by Malays in Malaysia. So, I would like to question you as dayak as if you feel your rights as a citizen and Bumiputras is protected and fight by BN-UMNO or BN-PBB? Or do these parties only serve their own relatives and coffers?

They have been making statements to us dayaks that the parties are protecting us but in reality as in their heart and minds, are they practice or what they preached? Although, they have been merely gave us money allocation for our community development but merely to entice us to believe that BN is care for us. What pride do we have in accepting those money allocation for development? Can those money measure the true blood of our destiny, our fate, our pride and our wisdom? Only God knows…Who cares? Do we need care from BN or government or do we care for ourselves? Who gave us the money? How do you earn your money? From salary? Do our parent gave us the money? If yes, where does your parent get the money from? Is your parent get the money from the Government everyday? Is BN giving us money to sustain our daily living? Where the Government get the money? Is the Government get the money from somewhere or from the rakyat or right to say from us? Ask yourselves rightfully.

Where is our liberty as a person as protected under Article 5 of the Federal Constitution? Do you think you are deprived of your life or personal liberty? So is BN’s priority and truly fight for Dayaks? Ask yourself. Just read reasons for example why some MPs of PKR quit because they said, “The trust and confidence that I have placed in PKR’s and Pakatan Rakyat’s struggle especially in restoring the special position of Islam has faded with the latest development in the party,”. Why we care about religion in the politic? Only BN will mix the race and religion in politic? So you want to be part of this BN political game? Is our mindset still care about race and religion as we compare with the United States of America, one of the truly preached democracy whose politic not based on skin colours, race and religion? Can we have any Dayaks as Prime Minister in Malaysia or a simple request a Dayak Chief Minster in Sarawak? Or this is just a mere dream that will never come true? Only we can make a difference. Do we have a hope here? Or we don’t bother about this at all or we have negative or pessimistic mindset to say we cannot even achieve it?

I will argue in simple examples of issues here:


Do we want our future generation to be treated like Palestine who beg for country democracy or we want to be like Jews to conquer? Do we realized we are being controlled by PBB-Taib Mahmud and UMNO in Semenanjung? It is through the Government policies and State Government policies? I don’t have to mention this again and again. As we are all aware, Dayaks (Iban, Bidayuh, Bisayah, Orang Ulu, etc natives of Sarawak) form the largest percentage of Sarawak's population. Christian is the largest group in Sarawak. If we have the largest Dayaks political party and the president is also a Dayak, the chances and high possibility of our next Chief Minister is also from Dayak. I forsee we Dayaks won’t become Chief Minister in the near future as long as the President who is TAIB remain uncontested and control the PBB. Is uncontested is undemocratic? I don’t know. I leave it to you to think about it. Can we have a Dayak President to helm the PBB party? Will Taib Mahmud allow that to happen? I don’t think so? Just a dream without reality. Never in my wild dreams also that Alfred Jabu will be the Chief Minister of Sarawak and never in the near future we will have Dayak leader to become the Chief Minister of Sarawak. In my wild dreams.

My questions are:

Why are we, as a majority Dayaks allow Taib Mahmud and UMNO to control us in every right that we have? Is it because we have been divided and Taib Mahmud is happy or prefer to see us like this through his “divide and rule” strategy? Dayaks will argue that we should blame ourselves for the failure be it in education, business, politic, social and many others. And we keep blaming ourselves, blame our previous leaders and never ending blaming. I appreciate the efforts of our dayak leaders but do they have the power to voice their points to the Government of the day? No way, we can demand more from the Government? We cannot even demand but we can only begging, right? Are we powerless? We have been joining Malaya since 16 September 1963 and gain our independence through the Formation of Malaysia. For many years we have been living in Sarawak, we have not being able to collaborate among Dayaks in one roof to fight for our rights. Does PBB really fight for our dayaks’ rights? If yes, what is the effect we have seen so far? Is it on a scale basis or to its minority group to which they serve interest? Who is our real leader of dayaks? Is our dayak leader has the power to demand what we should entitle to? Do you feel you are also benefiting any struggles by PBB? Can we have the evidence to say that we Dayaks are successful in everything due to PBB or at your own struggles?


State Government and BN supporters will always blame Dayak saying we are “anti-development” if we don’t support BN? Did we say we are anti-development? This is a weak propaganda from BN. We are pro-development but the money must be given not to buy our souls to vote for BN with hidden personal agenda. In Malay, they call it “duit berkat” or “ikhlas”. Is it the development is “berkat” as soon as election time come we take that opportunity to demand for development? Shouldn’t development is everyday and on-going process? Shouldn’t the development is provided to us no matter election is near or far? Are we also an opportunist to take the opportunities like it will never come again? How much is the allocation decided? Is it enough? Is the amount fairly distributed or it can goes to the wrong hands? Is this the right way we must ask for development? Can I say it looks like corrupt but not really corrupt, and morally wrong but we have choice to demand and take the opportunity whenever the election time is coming and maybe because it will be another 5 years we will not enjoy development if we don’t vote BN?

Do you think it is fair you don’t deserve to get development if you don’t vote BN? Do you think it is unfair after you have paid taxes to the Government and you don’t enjoy development? Is the development only allowed in selected areas of BN supporters and discriminated in opposition areas? If the Government do not provide the development in my area, can I also not pay tax? Is that a fair game? Do you think United States practices what BN is practiced towards development in their constituents? Do you think developed countries in the world practice that discrimination to their opposition and to their people?

BN always argue that if we vote BN, they can bring development through funding, such as road, electricity, education, schools, build kampung halls, build football field to the people. I would argue that, every Government of the day, it is their responsibility to provide all of the above. It doesn’t matter who is the Government of the day, either BN or Opposition, the people “rakyat” have their rights to demand all this because we pay their salaries, we pay taxes (i.e. income tax, business tax, assessment tax, road tax, magnum tax, sportstoto tax, and many others) to Government and every cents we earn we give it to the government for development which they owe us. In turn, our money is rightfully be well-managed by the Government to provide those development.

Do I rightly said we have already given the money to the Government to provide development? Why we must beg for development? Does our Government have sufficient money in their coffers nowadays? Do we notice the Government’s account has been in deficit for the past 2 years? The capital outflow from our country is increasing and worrying trend. How the Government increase their income? Those people like us will be burden further from high petrol price increase, food and soon GST (“Government Services Tax”) will be introduced. The lastest GDP (“Gross Domestic Product”) announcement by Najib saying our economic is out from the recession. Does it true? Or because Government merely pumped-in money of billions ringgit to make the economic indicator looks good?

On another note, the indigenous communities in Sarawak are continuously threatened by a multitude of issues and problems as a result of various development programmes implemented by the government and the private sector. One can argue that voters in developed cities (eg. Kuching) and town don’t need development from Government and only Kampung areas need the most of development and Kampung folks need to vote BN for development. It further argued that voters in Kuching vote BN out because they don’t need development anymore. This is correctly said but we can argue that the development is the right of every citizen to demand irrespective the Government is BN or Opposition. If Opposition take-over the Government from BN, opposition can also provide those development. We shouldn’t be worried about development at the first place.


Have you come across if any dayaks are holding CEO post with exception of Idris Jala, or any important post in companies like public listed companies, GLC “Government Linked Companies? Have you notice how many Dayaks own properties in towns? Can I say the most sacred and valuable asset that left for us is only land?

What about our education? Where is our right in respect of education as guaranteed in Article 12 of Federal Constitution? Have we felt being discriminated based on our religion and race? How many dayaks are entitled or awarded to scholarship/study loan by the Government, enrollment to Universities? Do we Dayaks especially the parent able to finance their children education and expenses for the Universities? Do we use our parent inherited land as collateral for banks to finance our business, studies and personal interest? How many good and smart Dayaks students eligible to pursue their studies but stranded due to lack of financial and end up to work after SPM? Do they get the right support of the Government (example Yayasan Sarawak) to provide assistance for them to pursue their studies? After graduated, have they managed to secure employment although scoring good results? The State Government will always blame us dayaks on choosing selective jobs, we don’t do enough efforts, we don’t have the necessary skills, etc. Although many of us Dayaks are qualified as graduates and professionals etc, are we powerful enough to demand we should have being employed either in the private sector and public sector. After Dayaks graduated from the Universities, how many of us able to obtain employment in big companies in Malaysia? Can we demand from Yayasan Sarawak the statistic, how many study loan or scholarships has been awarded to Dayaks? Like contracts awarded to businesses, from my observation, most of contracts awarded by the State Government go to its companies like CMS Group, and its related companies of Taib Mahmud and its proxies. A big chunk of the amount goes to those companies related to which Taib Mahmud has interest either directly or indirectly. Only small amount goes to Dayaks businesses. What a pity to us right? Do you think it is fair? Do you think we are like beggar licking the remaining food left for us for our children, our generation in 10, 20 or 100 years to come? Another example, when Government introduced Tamadun Islam subject in universities such as ITM, do we have the right to reject the subject? They will argue to say that we need to understand Islam. But do the Ministry of Education care about Muslim need to study Christian, Buddhist, and other religion? Do we have the right to reject Tamadun Islam subject here? Do we have the right to voice our opinion and deal the terms? I can bet we don’t like the subject but we have to study it. For what? Does that sounds like you have no right as a citizen?


Due to the lack of employment opportunities available to Dayaks in Sarawak, many have been migrating to Peninsular, or other towns in Sarawak and some to other Countries such as Singapore. As a result, most will settle down outside Sarawak and do not bother to vote when election time is coming. Those Dayaks generation forced to leave to find job elsewhere leaving their old parents or children they should take care. The old parents deep inside their hearts forced to accept that their children are leaving them lonely and empty without laughter and joy. Who is partly to be blame here? Is this the fault of State Government for not providing enough business and employment opportunities to Dayaks? We do not know how many thousands of Dayaks are staying or living outside Sarawak. This problem has resulted that the younger generation are unable to cast their vote in Sarawak. This may be due to air travel expenses or do not bother or even lack of awareness of voting. Even nowadays, I am pity to see low income Dayaks cannot go back during Gawai or Christmas because Air Asia or MAS have been charging high rates during peak period. Considering the election will be held in December 2010, January 2011 or May 2011, many will not be able to return because the air fare rates will be higher during the peak period. Whereas, people in Semenanjung can travel back to their hometown by driving or taking bus with less expenses to vote as compared to Sarawakian.

Those left in Sarawak, are Dayaks who earn their decent living at hometown or probably the old folks and those who settled down upon retirement. To add further insult, their mindset has not been aware to justify what is happening within Malaysia and Sarawak as well. Some old folks can’t even read. It is pity right? They don’t have access to alternative media, internet for access to information. Their mindset has been controlled by RTM, TV3, Sarawak Tribune and Borneo Post. At least NTV7 is quite independent in their news. Even, those Dayaks who had completed their SPM examination may not be aware of those opportunities available for example an entrance to UPU (Public Universities) especially kampung folks. Lack of basic infrastructures, schools, road etc.

We also need to educate those younger generation the important of register for voting. They must understand why voting is important. Do not neglect your right as a citizen. I noticed some Dayaks choose to oppose BN but during election time, they wave the component BN flag. Too many elected candidates stand in one constituent, variation of logos or flags have confused the people in Kampung who do not understand which is BN and which is not. Is that quite misleading also?

So back to issue on migration, we have problem in getting the votes from younger generation due to many have migrated outside Sarawak Why? Because of Government policy that is not balance and fair for Dayaks to secure employment in Sarawak. Look at the Government offices, look at Immigration Departments, KWSP, LHDN, private companies etc. How many Dayaks employed in those Government offices that involve in the policy making and making important decision to the interest of Dayaks? Why until today we don’t have Dayak successfully listed their company in the Stock Exchange? Can we say Dayaks fail under the formation of Malaysia? If one can name there is any company listed by Dayak I am proud to hear that. Think about it. Have our rights being slowly deprived?


Are we guaranteed to be protected under Article 3 of Federal Constitution where we can practice our religion in peace and harmony? BN will always put fear to Dayaks that opposition parties include of PAS, DAP and PKR that they don’t understand our culture, they don’t fight the rights of Dayaks. PAS is a party based on Islamic principles. PKR struggle is based on Justice. BN will always put fear in Dayaks that PAS will implement Islamic laws (example Hudud laws) in Malaysia. The Dayaks fear that our Christian religion will be sidelined. Why we fear PAS? Why we don’t vote for DAP? Why we may not like PKR? Why we can’t accept PKR? Do we have valid reasons for this? In reverse, did UMNO fight for Islamic agenda as well? Did UMNO or BN honestly protect our rights as Christian group in Malaysia? Have we seen the event in previous months on “Allah” issue. The Kementerian Dalam Negeri (previously Syed Albar of UMNO-BN has demanded that Bible and Herald news of Christian can’t used “Allah”) now is Hishamuddin. Do you think PAS, UMNO and PBB fight for Christian rights in Malaysia and in particular Sarawak? At least, PAS even mentioned that Christian can used term “Allah”. Why can’t UMNO or PBB making stance that Christians in Malaysia can use the word “Allah”? Are we still blind to see or in denial that we are actually controlled by BN-UMNO? If we support BN, it means we support PBB and UMNO. Do you agree? What about the latest issue on public apology demanded by Catholic church and also the High Court has set 30 April 2010 deadline for Home Ministry to have an out-of-court settlement with Sidang Injil Borneo over the use of the word “Allah” in Christian books? Why out-of-court settlement? Why no action taken against the writer and the Attorney General just say “No Further Action” because the writer reason of not aware of disrespecting the Holy Communion in the Church? Our churches have been attacked recently and I wonder if we are powerful enough to defend our rights to have freedom in religion in Malaysia. And the BN-Government wants to infringe our rights and intervene with our Christian religion? Why PBB-TAIB don’t stand up and condemn such attacks loudly in support of Dayaks community here? Is there a one voice of 1-State-Nation here? Where is 1-Malaysia concept here? Is 1-Malaysia for UMNO only or is just a rhetoric slogan with no substance? Can someone enlighten us on what is the definition of 1-Malaysia?


Do our rights really protected under Article 13 “The Rights to Property” such as land? Can someone tell me that how many lands in Sarawak have been issued the title or ownership to Dayaks? Have we seen in the past how many Dayak sell their land for quick gain for better living? Are we desperate for the money? What will be left to our children if we have no land anymore? Who control the land and survey office in Kuching? Why delay the issuance of ownership? Why many excuses given to Dayaks? Do we have to go to Court to fight for the rights that we should have rightfully owned? They will always argue that because our land has no title and under State Land Code, Sarawak Government has the right ownership of the land and some other arguable terms. They even say our land is not being productive and not cultivated, then the State Government has the right to develop the land for productive purposes? If I have the land and if I don’t cultivate it now, does that mean my land is not productive? Do I have the right not to cultivate it? Do I have the right to reserve it for the next generation? Do we really being compensated fairly for the price of the land that the Government is taking over? Many questions are unanswered, mind blogging and confused us? We are aware of these but whether it is right for us to say we are powerless to defend our rights.

A good example here. The Sarawak State Government has been developing million of hectares of native customary land (NCL) as oil palm plantations. Large tracts of land which include the customary land of the natives have been ear-marked and alienated by the government for plantations.

In implementing the land development programme, the government mainly grants provisional leases to the State statutory bodies/agencies or private companies for a period of 60-90 years. Once the land has been leased, the agencies or the private companies become the proprietors of the land. Without the knowledge or consent of the native communities, most of their NCL has been appropriated to private companies which are either state owned or owned by the same people who were granted the logging licences or permits to develop these land areas into oil palm plantations.

The native communities are opposing and resisting the implementation of oil palm plantations within their NCL and the acquisition of their customary lands for that purpose. In those areas which are currently affected, the natives are actively protesting to stop the operation of the oil palm plantation developers. As a result, they have been constantly intimidated, harassed, assaulted and suppressed by the police. Many of the natives have been arrested and detained for resisting the take-over of their lands by plantations. The State Government will always blame us for not utilizing the land for productive agenda. Is the statement come for their own agenda to profit for their coffers? So, are we allow this thing to happen in 10, 20 or 100 years to come? Who control the police? Does the law really protect us? Who control the Courts? Are they truly independent of the Government? Before the thing becomes worse, we must stop the virus to spread that will diminish our rights to the land. Are we satisfied with the protection in law for us to demand the economic balance within our community? Do we Dayaks have enjoyed, satisfied and benefited from the State Government policy? Look around us.

What about the leasing period under State Sarawak Government only grant 60 years period. Does that cater for the interest of developers, e.g. Naim Cendera under Taib Mahmud, or plantation companies like SimeDarby, FELCRA? Why can’t they put it 99 years like what Penang Government has initiated?

Do you remember the proposed massive Dam Project in Sarawak? This is what Taib responded to the criticism:

“Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud semalam menegaskan tidak akan tunduk kepada tekanan daripada mana-mana pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dan media asing yang memberikan gambaran negatif mengenai kerajaan Sarawak terutama berhubung usaha kerajaan membangunkan projek tenaga hidro.

Taib, yang juga Menteri Pengurusan Sumber dan Perancangan negeri berkata, sejak dari awal, Sarawak seperti negara membangun yang lain telah menerima kritikan hebat dan diserang secara tidak adil sama ada dalam industri minyak sawit atau pembalakan.

"Saya akan melawan mereka. Dalam perkara seperti ini, kita mesti melahirkan peluang pekerjaan yang dikehendaki rakyat jelata hasil program pembangunan.

"Tugas kita ialah untuk mempertahan kepentingan rakyat kita dan (berharap) agar mereka tidak menyertai NGO lain atau rakyat asing yang terus menerus melemparkan kenyataan atau tuduhan yang tidak betul," katanya.”

Now, are we just look and see that will happen? Taib said he wants to defend the rakyat interest and provide employment opportunities as what the Rakyat wants. My questions are…How many Rakyat in Sarawak want this? Can they provide the number of how many of us want this? He only good in using the name of Rakyat. He has been using the Rakyat name to build his own empire. If he truly want to provide employment, can he specified what employment? Can I see there are many employment opportunities available to us? Who benefited from the project? Will Dayaks directly benefited from the project? Will the land of NCR be affected? If we just sit and don’t bother what is going to happen, we are not responsible to our children in future. I will bet they will call me as “anti-development” again.


We are living in a multi-racial and multi-cultural community. We are living within various races, religion, beliefs and cultures of different community. You may be living within a neighbour in the same Kampung of the same race, in a different location, apartment, condominium, housing area, town or cities. We are also working and dealing with different people of different background everyday. The Bible tells us: “Love Your Neighbour As You Love Yourself”. I have a question here, how often we envy, dis-united or dis-intergrated even within our Kampung folks? Do I envy the success of another Dayaks? Do I happy to see my Dayaks friend to be a successful person? Do I go to “Bomoh” or black magic and curse him so he will fall sick? Do I go to another Kampung during Gawai or Christmas for fight, drink and gamble? If I say all these, will my Dayaks friend say I’m ego? I wonder if we still keep on harping and bickering among ourselves over unnecessary issues. Why don’t we reverse our mindset saying, I’m glad and proud to see you are succeeded. I believe we Dayaks still have a strong emotional bonding & relationship among each other. Yes, I strongly believe that.


As a citizen, we must know our rights and fight for it. If we can’t fight for our basic rights, we are not gaining our liberty and freedom. Be in control of our own rights. We don’t need hope from BN for our future generation. Our progress will be lagged behind other communities. Don’t wait until our death and until our future generation will be slowly suffered or marginalized under BN regime.

Please tell our future dayaks generation, be it our kampung folks, our children, relatives, friends and whoever dayaks and where we are, where we come from and what we should entitled to and have today.

I beg to everyone of you dayaks to go to POS MALAYSIA and register your name to vote in the next election. Just bring your Mykad / IC to register and it will take less than 5 minutes to register. Make sure your place of voting is correct in SPR record. If not, get them to change the location of voting and reconfirm it. Don’t waste your basic right as a citizen. Because your “RIGHT” can’t be measured by money. Never sell your rights and soul to vote BN for the sake of millions of ringgit given to Dayaks and in the name of development. VOTING is so sacred, very important and basic way to fight for your right. “Undi Bukanlah Rahsia” Undi bukanlah rahsia untuk kita suarakan hak kita tanpa rasa segan dan malu serta menghormati hak sesetiap individu.
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