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Friday, October 2, 2009

Short and Simple

Since we have heard and read a lot of issues regarding on many thing. Let me simplify them into a very short one.

Penan Girls are raped and even delivered babies of the rappers. Reports have been made but no action has been made until “Suhakam” & “NGOs” visit the villages and asked if the girls are raped or not. No further investigation and outcome from the “report” by the two monkeys. Jabu should resign immediately they said. I don’t think that Jabu raped those girls because he is very old to rape those girls. Why should he resign? Who fault? Idris Jala has no portfolio!! Gaji buta what?? Assign him to be another minister of Anti-rape Minister to save the weak and poor. I heard that he is quiet religious and therefore he is better than Jacob Sagan. On next election, please vote for more rapist and do the same thing again. Lodge report and accuse Jabu. What a poor Sarawakians.

Bloggers are talking about land custody, NCR, Naim, CMS, Taib, Sons, Family, money were siphoned out of the state and many other grievances regarding on political of bully and marginalization. Hey, common and wake up. It the old same story from generation to other generation. Ask your YB to resign from BN or stop vote for BN. What RM 5.00 can do for you? 2 boxes of cigarettes can cause lung cancer and girls can spread STD or HIV. Ask your YB to talk to BN regarding your grievances and struggles. If he cannot does that expel him. Just as simple as that. We have the some skeletons for most 2 to 3 period of lost in our constituencies. Please replace with at least a grass eater monkey as monkey can move but skeleton cannot.

I think those two simple statements are enough since my workload is overdue. I have to work as well as you do. I cannot wait for the YB to feed my family and build my house. They have their own thing to do like spread lies and talk cock.
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