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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Kids in Town

1. I heard a "rumors" that "Makkal Sakhti" is now registered legally and going to join ruling coalition soon. Najib was so very exited to adopt another new breed in coalition and claimed that it is a 1 Malaysia concept. Somehow, how many Indians will going to join the new force. Are they forgetting an old man in Sungai Siput who fought for the Indian right? Now, how is MCA? Will it be a symbol of hatred to the Indians. I see the Indians have no intention to be as what they claimed. United Indian or Indian League. I see Indian in MCA and UMNO as well. Not my fault, it 1 Malaysia concept actually. The concept really work well.

2. I heard Adit is going to form new kind of "party" after years of frustration and erection of power. It is called "Pakatan Rakyat Malaysia" party and the number of new members is yet to be known. I see it as another place to hide by Tiong if he join the "pakatan" and forever Tiong is a man of scandal. Whatever scandals they are, Tiong is still a corrupted Kuala Dimensi's CEO. I get to understand now that SPDP was fed by corrupted money. Whatever they are. Money is money and it does not concern with where it comes from as long as it knows where to go.

3. The Dayak has not yet awaken by the way they behave and think. There are political leaders and millionaire among them but yet there is still cloud of sick and sorrow in the state ruled by Jabu and his dayak fellows. Whoever join the new party they are still cannot resist money politics, corruption, greedy, gluttony and other sins. We have seen several downfall of the Dayak politic. Maybe, the new party will unite the Dayak and the others but Masing does not love Larry and that is why PRS is kicking their own ball. The new party? We better wait and see.

4. "Change we must". I see them in Dayak Weblogs. Well, I would like to say "Think before we Change" We cannot change if we are lazy to think and taking thing for granted. Whatever they are. Let us welcome the new kids in town.
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