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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Lone Ranger

I should not forget my “When the Rooster Crow” version of entry in The Lost Aborigine. Today will be another crow but the same rooster. The rooster has been silent due to workload which requires more time to work hard and less time to write.

I have never watched any series of The Lone Ranger as I was not either in the X or Y generation but what I know The Lone Ranger is a good movie in 1930’s. Lone Ranger is a story of a cowboy fighting for injustice and discrimination in America. No wonder, some people use Lone Ranger as their nick name as their symbolic hero.

The opposition’s candidate for Batang Ai by-election is Mr. Jawah Gerang, the government’s exile after the downfall of PBDS. Now, is he going to be the Dayak’s Lone Ranger? I am convinced that this coming by-election will be meaningless as voters vote not by their political knowledge and desperation of change but slightly by money and extreme feeling of revenge to Taib legacy.

I missed the Bidayuh Pesta Birumuh yesterday as I am not really interested in such “fiesta”. I’ve heard that Taib was praising all the Bidayuh for supporting Barisan Nasional and going to support until the last colony. Now, how about NCR lands and poverty among the Bidayuh?

Let get beck to the Lone Ranger discussion. Why PKR? Well, because Anwar is good. Why Anwar is a good leader? Because he can deliver such a powerful speech and has many friend all over the world. He is quite extreme after he gets out from jail as well. SNAP withdrew its candidate. Why? Let it be one-by-one competition and put another independent candidate to sabotage the vote.

To me, PKR is PKR and Dayak has it own identity. It is obvious that the Dayak do not know that they want. Is it a total change or to revenge on Taib governance? It’s is time to work together with PKR (Multi-racial party) but we must sure there must be transparency and equality by Anwar Ibrahim. Yes, Iban, Kadazan, Melayu, India and Chinese are his sons but, we sure of this?

We should teach the BN a lesson too. There is no way to vote for BN if we are still a beggar in our own paddy field. We planted the seed but someone harvest it. That is not fair to every single dayak that own big land but converted into “Taib Land”. Of course we must kick BN out of Batang Ai.

It doesn’t matter who is going to win the constituency. The most important is who offer more money and instant noodle projects, we will get the seat unless the voter are wise enough. You get what I mean.
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