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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Behind The Twilight.

I was shocked when my wife told me that the price of petrol is now RM 2.00 per liter. At 8.00 pm TV3 news yesterday, the toll rate has been cut down from 12.00 am to 7.00 am. Those are the good news for Elijah Manser, me and the house hold. The government is now opening their eyes towards the people’s struggle. Even though our composite index is losing we are still enjoying a lot from the government. The price of rice is now at steady mode and reasonably priced.

Somehow, there is something behind all these games. Our EPF contribution will be deducted down to 8%. What is that means? We are no more saving our salary and at the age of pension we have no money to buy casket or graveyard. Most of the developing countries are under depression due to world economic crisis but in Malaysia, the situation is handled effectively where we the people are enjoying benefit from the economic crisis. Something weird to me indeed. GM, Ford and Chrysler are the three multinational car makers to be saved by Obama with 200 billions USD reserved of the American Government. In Malaysia, we do not hear this kind of news because the government is wise enough to handle problematic GLC’s by slaughtering the people.

In fact, we are paying more everyday and that is the fact that Barisan Nasioanl has to know. We pay less for petrol but not the basic necessities. Education cost is now hiking though there is no fee for general examination in school. The price of foods is high and the subsidies are not helping much of the food problems. Bung Mokthar ( Kinabatangan MP) shouted at the parliament on the food price issue and I can see his struggle in addressing the issue. Those who earn less than RM 1000.00 per month will never sleep well as the inflation rate is high.

School students are now have to look for part time job to buy school uniform before the new session start next year. Parents are working very hard to pay dept and to by food for the household. This is how to live under the Barisan Nasional. Pay more and get less.
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