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Sunday, February 17, 2008

The True Color of My Nation

Yesterday was my second PTD exam in Labuan and there was an article discussing about the issue of Malaysian development and lifestyle. It was a glimpse to me and made me think of what Malaysia was in last few years where moral was the subject of reference and students are taught to say a prayer in some missionary schools.

Malaysia has changed and developed so much better than other South East Asia countries in the continent. As the example to other Islamic countries, Malaysia was recognized as a multi-racial, multi-cultural and so much multi-things. The education system has improved where all states have at least university-colleges and lots of schools regardless of what type of school it is.

Billion of ringgits have been spent to build world's tallest building (was), first-class F1 circuit, big airport, MSC, ports, roads and so forth. Government spent a lot to ensure that Malaysia is well developing and a "good" place to live. Billions will be spent for all planned corridors on RMK-9 to make sure we are not out of money.

The era of development has brought us to another paradigm shift where we have forgotten of who we were before. We used to shake others' hand in the street but now we are scared of snatch thieves. We used to invite our neighbor to our kid's birthday party but now we are scared of them too much because they might be drug pusher or arm robbers.

Everybody is living in fear on their mother land. We fear of riots, murderers, child's abductors, rappers, motorcyclist gangsters and so much more to be scared. Tourist has been blown up brutally, a murdered and rapped cute child has been packed in a bag, pretty college student has been raped and murdered recklessly and so much more to say.

Malaysians have forgotten the true picture of their country that has been painted by its basic philosophy, Rukun Negara. Religion is not the platform of belief anymore. The freedom of religion has been questioned by some other parties and not least some of the materials have been banned. The used of the word "God" are questioned and are made special to only a group of believers.

The "fear" to the divine rulers also seems to be absurd where we do not recognized our king as a top ruler. Some parties tend to control the power of the king and used an opportunity to stop us to talk to our king in time of trouble where nobody seems to care.

The rule of law has been exploited by some group and makes it as their strong wall to hide. The guiltiest are freed by the law. The innocents have been punished because of their disability to protect themselves. The appointments of the high judges are made by some group of people who have the interest and not by the king. Corruption is getting worst though the government has setup the ACA for many years. Only anchovies caught and where are the whales ? Wow, this is another good thing to see in Malaysia.

Teenagers do not respect the elders anymore. Schools are the place to fight instead of respect for the holiness of the knowledge and wisdom. They called their parent "old-folk" instead of father and mother. They watch pornography instead of watching good movies or proper movies. Entertainment is the first choice rather than religion and social activities. They are getting wild even on the road. Danger ahead is nothing as long as the stuntman is on the live show. Are they the nation’s next leaders? Malaysian will be ruled by stuntman in few years to come.

Is this going to be the same in one or two years to come? What if Malaysia achieve it vision 2020, is the situation going to be the same?

The imbalance of development has made Malaysians forgotten of who they are. Parents are busy with money matters, children are getting more rebellious, churches, mosques and temples are getting silent with no more activities. Politicians are busy with vacations and business instead of people's voice as long as the job is done.

It is a hope to see Malaysia to be a safe place to stay or live. We are free to have our religion's practices and belief without fear of other religion threat. Free to walk on the street without fear of murderers and kidnappers. Children play in the playground happily and get back home for homework and dinner. Adults smile to the elders on the street or help a blind to cross the road.

The first class mentality should be preserved and therefore we will not be lacking of goodness to be a Malaysian.

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