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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Fear of the Bidayuh after the 12th General Election

The time has come once again to cast vote after Abdullah Ahmad Badawi being appointed as the Malaysian Prime Minister, the successor of Tun Dr. Mahathir. Is this coming general election will determine another "term of fate " of the Bidayuh under Barisan Nasional ? During the last general election, most of the Bidayuh constituencies are governed by the Barisan Nasional candidate. The reason are:-

1. Bidayuh need more development since they are living in the remote area. Therefore, vote for Barisan Nasional was an alternative for the development although it was slow and sometimes withered before blooming.

2. Bidayuh need education development and changes since there are less educated Bidayuh especially graduated from local universities compare to other tribes. Therefore, vote for Barisan Nasional was an alternative to gain education development especially the construction of more schools and fund.

3. Bidayuh are taught to vote those who can help them. This is the basic political education where people vote for the capable. Some voted for opposition and the next term the opposition party join Barisan Nasional, which has made them disappointed.

so much more to comprehend...

As long as there are government, Bidayuh will never get hungry. Therefore Barisan Nasional is the very hope to survive. Since many years Barisan Nasional is the only answer to Bidayuh tribe.

This is the Bidayuh political scenario. A wise man graduated from oversea and came back to hometown and work with government regardless any kind of position and some setup their own business (doctors, lawyers. etc...) They are the tribe's idols and joining any political party for their constituencies. Some were contested and some resigned after a period of time.

Almost all bidayuh political leaders can be found in any party. Not Keadilan, PAS, DAP or others tribe's opposition parties. Some are with SUPP, some are with SPDP, PBB or PBDS and so forth. They are separated by the differences of philosophy and vision for the Bidayuh tribe and perhaps not to gain self benefit. Since may years the situation remain the same and nobody dare to be in one party because of certain unexplainable "fear".

Fear of no seat allocated if we are in one political party. Therefore split is better so that all Bidayuh constituencies will be taken care by Bidayuh themselves. But their bosses are Chinese, Iban, Melanau and no bidayuh boss. Therefore the fear to the boss is more extreme than the fear of responsibility to the Bidayuh welfare.

Some leaders did talk about the unity among the tribe and yet there are separation among the tribe and this has become the great fear to the Bidayuh to be remained under the Barisan Nasional governance. How do you talk about unity if you cannot promote it to you close Bidayuh friends?

The number one enemy among the Bidayuh Tribe is Barisan Nasional. There are no other causes to this matter. Does Taib Mahmud cares about it? I don't think so as long as Sarawak is still under control. Therefore, there must be a solution of this.

Though Dayak Bidayuh National Association has been formed since many years, it still cannot give a simple answer of Bidayuh separation. It has done so many works to improve the Bidayuh life but yet they are still separate by self agenda politicians.

What happen after the next coming general election will determine what we are going to be in next few years under Narisan Nasional.

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