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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Enlightenment Era

Marat is the one who used death penalty to those who opposed revolution in France 1780s. Marat was made as god to those revolts and that was how Republic of France after King Louis XVI is beheaded with guillotine. The monarchy families were sentenced to death including those who are pro monarchy and even the palace guards. National Essambly was made in 1789 as the turning point of democracy in France at that time.

Revolution has begun when there were mass of poverty, inflation and the failure of the king and the government to rule and run the country. Then there were a lot of demands to replace the monarchy system which benefited the land owners as France were a feudal country at that time. Even those who cannot read marched on the street and shout out revolution and changes. Somehow, National Assembly just could not stop the terror of revolution where blood is shed on the street. Church has lost it power when terror reigns. If you read France Revolution you might be amaze and aware of what should be done.

Actually, King Louis XVI was aware of what was happening to the people but somehow, the spirit of the people just cannot be controlled as the terror is crawling all over the street of Paris. King Louis has forgotten his feudal system and he never control the palace. For more information, you can read The France Revolution.

Now, The Bidayuh is still living under feudal system where they are living based on their status. The lowest class people are always made fooled by those so called “elites”. We lost a lot and yet we gain nothing from the government. Compare to the other tribes, the Bidayuh is the poorest among those all. We have plenty of MP’s who should monitor the issue of the Bidayuh but they are made dumb by the party leader that they join. George Chan made Jerrip and Riot as land brokers to be awarded to some Chinese people at Bengoh and Serian. The Chinese get the land title but the nearby Bidayuh are squatters. I am not racist but it is the truth. Dawos should has better thing for the Bidayuh but we get the worst. Dump site project and plenty of quarry and unnecessary projects which benefited Parti Bumiputera or best to say to Naim Candera, Titanium and other Taib’s business.

Should we get up and start revolution? No, nobody should do that or even think of it. Dangerous to the kids. Well, let me explain here. We have been living under the BN umbrella for years but yet we are still living under hardcore poverty. The Bidayuh should get better from the government such as land title. Forget about the NCR law as it should be amended. NCR law is to benefit the politicians and not the origins. We should learn from the history and not by the land scammers and two faced politicians.
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