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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Silent Beggar

James Dawos Mamit does not deserve the federal ministry post and neither Riot nor Manyin deserve it. Bidayuh are always being the best “yes sir” clan in the country. Well, that is a tradition. We have nothing to do with the government but we are participating for the fuc*** BN victory year after year. “Apa boleh buat? Tuan tolong kami pun boleh jadi lah. Tak payah jadi menteri” . ( Let it be. It is enough to have your help and no need the minister post.)

Who is Dr. Dawos? What can he make for the Bidayuh or what has been done in his parliamentary? Nothing. One centimeter thick tar-sealed road, rubbish site, jail, mosques, balai raya. That all, and the Bidayuh are still the looser under Dawos, PBB and BN. Who cares? Does Najib and Taib care? I don’t think so.

It is better for not having the Bidayuh in BN line-up or else we are fooled by UMNO and BN. We are enough of 45 years living under tree and hunting head, rearing pigs and wearing cawat. We are naked since our grand parent time. The Bidayuh are the hardcore poor although we are governed by BN since last 45 years. There are some contractors under Dawos’s cronyism telling lie to the old folk and giving them shit in every kampung. We have our recycle centre that we never wanted and used, we have more hardcore families; we are walking up to the mountain while others are driving. That doesn’t make sense at all. I don’t know if there is not fund to be given for the Bidayuh development. But Dawos is still our MP and till today, he his still the worst in the history. I think Jawah Gerang is better then him because he was partyless and there is no way to get fund.

The bidayuh should not be sad of this issue. Najib is always Najib and he is a Malay. Razak was the one who burst the 13 May tragedy and he is always remembered as racist. We should keep our community away from corruption and dirty politic. There is no way for Najib to stay long indeed. He has to clean his name.
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