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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SMK Padawan is Producing Idiots

SMK Padawan Must Abolish Its Science Stream Classes.

I was accompanying my cousin to register his son in Labuan Matriculation College since Sunday until this late evening. There were many people in the campus including parents and fellow friends. It’s reminded me few years back in Chermai Jaya when I was selected to pursue my study in there. My cousin’s son is from College Abdillah, Kuching and he passed his SPM with flying color. He made me proud as our family members are striking their very best to strive a high level education. My cousin is working as a teacher in SK St. Bernard.

What made me upset was that, there is no any student from SMK Padawan register in the Matriculation college. Though Science Stream was introduced few years back, I still prefer that the students rom SMK Padawan, who passed their PMR to be sent to Kolej Tun Abdul Razak to study science subjects. I was the product of Kolej Tun Abdul Razak and I am proud of myself.

Hopeless School for The Aborigines.

What is the issue with SMK Padawan actually? My niece passed her PMR but she could not register to Matriculation College because she was not given any form to apply. Who is the teacher in charge? Why are the Aborigines in SMK Padawan were not given any chance to further their study. I made a phone call to my nephew last few week about her application to college or university, and it was a dismay to hear that her teacher did not give her any form to fill in. It happened to her classmates too. Then, I called my wife directly to assist my nephew to enroll to Maktab Perguruan. My cousin also told me that her brother from SMK Padawan was not able to enroll to Matriculation College because his teacher did not give then UPU form or guide them to apply online. That was another bitter news for me too.

What are the teachers doing in SMK Padawan until their student are left behind? Are they paid for no job or to teach the students to plant paddy or to fishing? Why does the principal neglects his students and let them to be left behind of the others? What is the purpose of the Science Stream class if their student could not pursue their study to a one step level? Are the teachers stupid and do not know how to teach chemistry, biology, add math and computer? Send them back to teacher college and get the best teacher to teach the aborigines.

PIBG must bring this issue during the AGM so that there will be no such case where the students are not given chances to achieve their ambition. If PIBG could not speak then they must send their children to SMK Serian, Taee, Tun Abdul Razak or Siburan, because SMK Padawan is a school for the loosers. There should be no any reason to not to register their students to enroll to the matriculation college. Jamit Anak Ajok must have a very good time to talk to all the teachers to discuss this issue so that we are not sending our kids to SMK Padawan to be a construction workers and waitress.

My questions for Mr. Jamit are:-

  1. What can you do to make sure that the students in SMK Padawan are well taught?
  2. Are you aware of PIBG or busy with your own things?
  3. Do you know that you are producing stupid students?
  4. Are you happy with poor result of your students?
  5. Are you willing to do your jobs as a principal?

Please do not assume that this is an insult or personal attack. But please try to look back on your students’ performance. Su Hiong Ai has produced many graduated during that time. Babu Suwen was not so bad and so to Peter Foo. But the thing become worst when SMK Padawan has it own Science Stream class and nothing was produce to be a good product. If this still happening, in 5 years, the youths from SMK Padawan are useless and stupid. SMK Padawan was my proud because the students are discipline enough and the teacher are working very hard to send us to a better school to study science and not given us stupid teachers to teach how to use microscope. What is the point to send our children to SMK Padawan if they are not well managed and the teachers are lazy and ignorance.

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