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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

James Dawos is building a graveyard for Bidayuh

From Little Ghandi:

"I am speechless. It is driving me almost to tears. You know when Harry Acid Rain sings in Kampong Love, "my heart bleeds because of you", that is how I feel right now. A deep cut right through my heart. This atrocity is just beyond imagination.

How could the powers that be do this?

I have watched our Dayak 'leaders' being slain one by one. Even from the days when I was small boy. Stephen Kalong Ningkan, Nelson Kundai, Michael Ben, Dominic Dagok, Nissom, Leonard Linggi Jugah, Minos, Robert Jacob Ridu,, all political castrates.

You would have observed the game. Outstanding Bidayuhs, some of them. Others, nothing more than popular coffee shop faces. If they have the gift to convince and sweet talk, they would be admitted into the fold. They must not be too pandai, though, othewise they can 'lawan towkay'. Followers, not leaders.

If they are good looking, bagus lagi. If they may be leaning to the side of obesity, never mind( so most of us are - it might be taken as sign of prosperity). Just check if they have something that looks good - like a university degree. Oh ENT specialist, lagi bagus! Orang ENT expert 'cari lubang' - lobang korupsi, antaranya,...

Flattered, they thought they belonged to The Chosen Ones. The king-makers would put them up. They were put on display, clothed in glory. They were given the opportunity to live in million ringgit worth bangalows. Mistress is optional.
They were promised the world. They graduated from rags to riches. Until they get puffed up.
'Oh', says The Powerful One, "I think I have created a monster. Take him to the slaughter house! Pluck off his feathers. No, I did not say kill. They all die naturally, just only slowly. Listen Kecik, I want him to die slowly".
"They can parade on the show but I own the theatre" says the powerful one.
And so I have observed,those who walked waroud like proud turkeys. The day comes and they are more like naked ostriches, running to bury their head in the ground, only to find their faces smeared in dirt - Arabian pee mixed with sand.
Kampong Tun Razak indeed.
I lift my eyes away from this screen. The powerful one looks over my head and says, "I shall give the Dayaks their worst nightmare". I am awaken but am sure I am not dreaming. My heart still aches. The cut is like that of sharp bamboo upon the skin, then somebody poured formic acid.

They have not only removed our pride, uprooted our people from place of origin, stripped of their cultural pride. Now we are being shoved the Razak name in our throat. What next, another mosque?

They who accused Anwar of sodomy has commited poltical sodomy on all of us.

Please, vote wisely. "

Dear Little Ghandi,

Respond on the Tun Razak Village:

Bidayuh should send a referendum to Dawos.

"Where are the Bidayuh leaders, sleeping? May they burn in hell.

Tiki, Nansian, Riot, Roland, Jerip, Ranum & Manyin you better call for the rename of this kampung to Bidayuh or we will pray so hard for your eternal rest in hell. Forget Dawos, he is no longer a Bidayuh."

This will be the worst nightmare for Bidayuh after 50 years of Malaysian Independent. I do not know if this is the price that seems to be very hard to pay to the government. James Dawos is no longer with us for many years. He is with his fellow friends in the golf course. I was shocked this afternoon when I read the news. Indeeds we are not weak though we are minority because we are never be the minority in our spirit and courage.

Referendum is needed for the sake of Bidayuh and I am regret of what Barisan has done to us as they put us into this painful racial sensitivity. I may not know what will going on next but if there is something other leaders can do, let do it now or step down from Barisan Nasional. We will never go hungry if we seek with eagerness and diligent. One day the whole world will know that we are prosecuted by the government.

What Bidayuh has to do with Tun Razak? This is a transparent disrespect by the government to demolish our preserved culture and belief as a natural Bidayuh. It will be remarkable as the darkest history for us. The first tear was drop when Rayang, Belimbing and Braang were declared as Islam territory. How much was their dignity to be sold to govenment, I really do not know but my aunty and uncle are now Islam and we cannot have Gawai celebration together because we consume non-halal food. We used to visit each other frequently before but now all thing have changed. We have different grandfather though the truth keeps telling us that we have only one grandfather. This is my family great depression for many years and it just cannot stop bleeding.

It is stated in the federal constitution that there shall be no condemnation to any religious and culture by any other party. Government has forget the basic philosophy of the nation. Tunku Abdul Rahman gave us Rukun Negara as a basic reference for the citizen of Malaysia.

This is my declaration to James Dawos. If you try to demolish us you should try to shut up our mouth first. Shame to an Oxford scholar and yet a traitor to us.
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